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What Is the PTSA?

As the parent/guardian of an A.G. Bell student, YOU are a member of the PTSA community. And what a great community to be a part of!

The Parent Teacher Student Association is comprised of A.G. Bell parents/guardians, A.G. Bell teachers, and the A.G. Bell community. the PTSA's main goal is to provide additional learning opportunities for our children, support the staff/teachers at A.G. Bell and create fun events for the children and entire family. 

PTSA is NOT an exclusive group. It is NOT just for the stay-at-home parents. It is NOT a group of party planners. And it is NOT just for parents that can give volunteer hours. 

PTSA IS a group of parents and teachers that believe in the imporantce of education and the additional opportunities that we can provide to our children for them to excel in Life. 

Why YOU should join!

  • Membership includes access to the Online School Directory for parents/guardians to connect with other families (great for party planning, play dates and more!)
  • Membership ensures the weekly delivery of the Bulldog Blast to keep up-to-date with all the latest happenings
  • Membership allows continuation of the Facebook and A.G. Bell PTSA website so you have access to everything in one place. 
  • Membership provides a voice at our quarterly General PTSA Membership meetings
  • Sends a message to Olympia that our district is made up of voters who are concerned and involved. 

Common PTSA Myths - Debunked

  1. Joining the PTSA means I must volunteer. Many people believe that a PTSA membership and volunteering go hand-in=hand but that is absolutely not the case. While we love to have volunteers becoming a member requires no other commitment (of time or money) and provides you with access to the online school directory as well as some great benfits from teh WA State PTSA. 
  2.  PTSA is a clique of stay-at-home mom friends. PTSA memberships are comprised of working parents, teachers, staff, grandparents and community members. Every single membership goes toward enriching our student experiences while at A.G. Bell. And if you find a new friend through membership, meetings, etc. then great!
  3. PTSA membership never expires. Each new school year beings a new PTSA membership year. You membership is good through October the following year. But each new school year membership brings on new and exciting benefits!

What Benefits do I get?

  • Membership is not only to your local A.G. Bell PTSA, but also to the Washington State PTA** and the National PTA**. 
  • National PTA** membership provides exclusive discounts to AARP, Hertz, Good Housekeeping, Office Depot and more!
  • WA State PTA** membership provides additional discounts on Avis, Budget, FedEx, Great Wolf Lodge, WA Sate Fair and more!

**See below for Membership Cards

How do I join?

Joining is easy! You can join online right now, or send a check made out to A.G. Bell PTSA along with the completed form

PTSA Annual Family Membership: $22.00

PTSA Annual Individual Membership: $14.00

Membership Cards

Membership cards should be sent to you shortly after you become a member. If you don't receive yours and want it please reach out to

Remember - Membership is Support and we hope you become a Member! 


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