All classes need 1-2 parent chaperones. If you volunteer to chaperone your child’s class,

tuition will be FREE!

Please, contact us at  for more information.


Parent chaperones make enrichment courses possible, and we deeply appreciate your service! Having a chaperone in the classroom at all times helps us ensure our students get a high-quality educational experience with all the attention they deserve.

As a token of our (and the instructor's!) gratitude, the chaperone's child gets free tuition in the course.

General Information on Becoming a Chaperone:

  • Like anyone who works directly with students, the chaperone must be, or become, an approved LWSD volunteer. The process can take several weeks, so please apply immediately if you think you might ever want to help out at Bell!
  • The chaperone must also be a PTSA member.
  • If you are the sole chaperone, we do understand that you might need to miss a class due to illness or other commitments. That's fine as long as you let us know as far in advance as possible; we will try to help you find a replacement, so class doesn't need to be canceled. (Missing more than one class session is a problem, though, unless there are extenuating circumstances!)


Chaperone Procedures and Responsibilities:

By becoming chaperone, you agree to:

Before Class:
  • Arrive a few minutes before the dismissal bell.
  • Welcome students to class and encourage them to find a seat, settle down, and eat their snack (if any).
  • Take attendance, using a roster that will be provided.
    • If any children are absent from class, we need to ensure that they are safely in their family's care, and not (e.g.) absent-mindedly waiting outside for a ride that isn't coming! This is one of the chaperone's most important duties.
    • First, check with the front office to find out if the absent student was absent from school; if so, just mark them absent on the roster.
    • If they attended school but aren't at enrichment, phone their family to make sure they were picked up. 
  • In the rare event that class is cancelled, contact all the parents to let them know.
During class:
  • Unless you're volunteering with Bulldogs Pacers, you are not expected to help teach or participate. We recommend bringing a book/laptop to keep yourself busy.
  • That said, please DO help the teacher manage class, for example by helping the class quiet down when it's time to listen.
    • If a student is disruptive, redirect them. If the behavior continues, you may ask them to sit out of the activity until they can participate appropriately.
    • If a student is consistently disruptive, please let the enrichment team know so we can talk to their parent/guardian.
After class:
  • Make sure all students are signed out by their approved parent/guardian. They shouldn't leave the classroom until their approved adult has signed the roster.
  • Take extended-day students to their classroom.
  • You shouldn't have to stay more than ~5 minutes after the end of the enrichment session. If a parent/guardian is more than five minutes late for pickup, please let us know so we can address the situation.

If you fail to fulfill these responsibilities, we reserve the right to rescind your child's free tuition.