October 10, 2012

September 14, 2012

A school is starting to take shape right before our eyes!

August 12, 2012

Cornerstone General Contractors has been diligently working on bringing us a brand new A.G. Bell Elementary. A few photos to get a sense fo the exciting progress:

Replacement Notification In Front Of A.G. Bell

Construction from 112th Street

Peeking In From Bell Car Park

Northern Point of Construction

LWSD board meeting - May 7, 2012

It was a productive night at the School Board meeting on May 7th.  Amy Yates and Kim Malcolm had an opportunity to speak during the Public Comment period.  They addressed the lack of a gymnasium, cancelled events and asked about the current status of the project.

Traci Pierce, Incoming Superintendent LWSD, responded by offering an invitation to meet Forrest Miller, the Director of Support Services (the head of construction and transportation).  He was in the room at the time and held a breakout meeting to discuss concerns about the status of the project.  Mr. Miller listened carefully and took many notes, it was a positive meeting.  Some headlines:

- The bids will be opened May 16th; it is expected that the School Board will make a General Contractor recommendation at the June 4th meeting.  There is a possibility that a decision will be made at the May 21st meeting if they complete the review process early.

- Once the contract is approved by the board and signed, the district issues a "notice to proceed" which
means they can mobilize right away.  Mr Miller said this could happen within 2 weeks, perhaps sooner, of a contract signing.  This means trucks and trailers should start reappearing at Bell before the end of the school year.


New Facility Under Construction: As part of the initial design phase, our “Mod Squad” made up of teachers, staff, district administrators and parents collaborated with our architectural firm, the DLR Group to evaluate our current building and site and complete in basic plan for modernizing our facility.  This work took nearly 4 months and we are pleased to have some initial sketches for our new facility.  This plan is currently under review by district officials and others to determine feasibility and cost analysis.  Many specific details are still being worked out. Initial ground work began this spring and summer.  Students will still attend school in our current facility while the new facility is being built.  This will add both challenge and excitement to the process as we literally watch a new facility develop before our eyes.  If all goes according to plan, the new facility will be completed in 2013!

Site Plan: