CommitteeChair Name Contact Email Address
Amazon   amazon@agbellptsa.org
Art Liason    Marianne Strum art@agbellptsa.org
Back to School Picnic Diane Devlyne-Thompson/ Brandy Andersson president@agbellptsa.org
Boxtops Halee Proctor boxtops@agbellptsa.org
Reader Board Gretchen Dalquist gretchen.dalquist@gmail.com
Bulletin Board    
Candy Buy Back Diane Devlyne-Thompson/ Brandy Andersson president@agbellptsa.org

Communications: Bulldog Blast

Heather Nason


Communications: Social Media

Michelle Ferris


Communications: Website

Michelle Ferris


Community Events



Dance OPEN  
Egg Drop OPEN  
Emergency Preparedness John Meyer  
Enrichment Elizabeth Fialkiewicz/Heather Toy/ Giovanna Pirri/ Jessica Strazulla enrichment@agbellptsa.org
Financial Review OPEN  
Harvest Party Lindsay Pepper lindsey.pepper@gmail.com
Legislation/Advocacy OPEN advocacy@agbellptsa.org
Matching Gifts OPEN treasurer@agbellptsa.org
Pantry Packs Aisha Houghton pantrypacks@agbellptsa.org
Parent Education Aisha Houghton aishahoughton@gmail.com


Marianne Strum


Family Literacy Night    
Reflections Tennile Jones reflections@agbellptsa.org
School Pictures Erin Barr  schoolservices@agbellptsa.org
School Play Johnmichael Monteith director@broadwaybulldogs.org
Science Day Lara Lin larachens@gmail.com
Spanish Translation Lara Lin larachens@gmail.com
Spiritwear OPEN spiritwear@agbellptsa.org
Staff Appreciation OPEN staffappreciation@agbellptsa.org
Student Directory Katherine Vanderheiden katherine.vanderheiden@gmail.com
Talent Show OPEN  
Team Tickets OPEN  
Volunteer Coordinator Lara Chen  
Walk to School Week Aisha Houghton aishahoughton@gmail.com
Wine Event Diane Devlyne-Thompson dianekdevlyne@gmail.com
Yearbook Lara Lin and Launa Johnson yearbook@agbellptsa.org

Our directors and the volunteers assisting them are a key to your PTSA. We are always looking for help from our membership so feel free to reach out to any of them and see how you can be a part of their group. If you feel that there is some feature that we do not offer, please reach out to one of our PTSA co-presidents and you may play a role in creating a new much-needed committee for A.G. Bell.


Leah Ing / Junko Ortegis