Rock the Walk!!

It's time for ROCK the WALK and the Bulldogs are ready to rock and roll! 

Are you ready to help them? There will be prizes! There will be fun! There will be whipped cream "served" to our principal and associate principal's faces!! 

Donate Online Now as a SITE MEMBER or a GUEST!

This is A.G. Bell's big fundraiser for the year and and the money raised is used to enhance the educational experiences of all of our children because THEY MATTER! Information was sent home in your child's green folder, but you can access everything below! 

How do I donate?

Want to donate to support a student? Anyone can donate! Ask your family, your friends, put the link out there on Facebook! This is a great cause where anyone can help! You can donate online or via check. You can donate online regardless of whether you have a free login to our site!

Subscribed to Donate here as a current site member. No login? No worries! Just donate here as a guest!


How can I help?

Do you want to help the classes out on Friday? Help for setup? Help the kids and pass out participation awards? And of course, there is always clean up! We would appreciate any help you can spare! Sign up on our signup Genius at You must be a PTSA member and LWSD approved volunteer. If you are a volunteer and not a PTSA member, you can remedy that in less time then it take to rock the walk around the block! Join here:

Fun Stuff!

Want to check out the prizes that each class earns? Check out the Prize List!

Don't forget that you don't need to donate to still participate is some of the fun prizes. If you draw a picture on the back of your donation form showing your Bell Bulldog Spirit and turn it in it is considered a submission! Returned drawings must include your student name, teacher name and grade and it counts!

Where does my donation go?

Want to know more about where your donation goes? Check out our informational letter to parents. It tells you more about what the PTSA funds over the school year and why we host a big fundraiser every year. 

My dog\sibling ate my donation form!

Oh no! We have all been there where milk from dinner is spilled on our school forms! We certainly don't want that to stop our wonderful bulldogs! You can download and print a new donation form at any time from the links below!

Need just the form? See our donation form

Need just the frame for the picture? Print it from here. Don't forget to include your name, teacher and grade to count!

Want both? You can print out our 2 page donation form and frame

How do I help my child ask for donations?

It can be HARD to ask for a donation, especially as a child. But "give me money" doesn't really work! People want to know WHY they are donating to your child and their school. We have help for that! You can print up this script (also sent home through their green folder) to help them feel confident in raising money for such a wonderful cause!

I have more questions!

Do you want more information such as what does the money do, what should my child wear, etc.? Check out our FAQs and get your questions answered. Still have more questions? Email