Registration is now CLOSED classes will be held January 13th- March 27th except for Art a la Cart which will be held February 11th- March 17th.

 -- All classes need 1 parent chaperone. If you volunteer to chaperone your child’s class, tuition will be FREE! Please, contact us at  for more information. Due to liability issues, chaperones be MUST be PTSA members.

 -- Please send an extra snack on the After School Enrichment days! We'll give your child a chance to eat between the end of school and the beginning of the Enrichment class.

 ** Need–based scholarships are available. For more information about scholarships please contact . Scholarship requests must be made before December 10th. ** 


**IMPORTANT***: No classes January 20th, January 27th- 31st , February 13th, 14th, 17th and March 13th**







Mondays, 8:05–9:05 AM
Grades: 1– 5

Location: Library

Sessions: 8
PTSA members: $123
non-members: $133

Paypal fees are included

Join the chess Club with Orlov Chess Academy and learn! Improve your problem-solving skills, train your memory, think and plan ahead.

Learn chess tactics, solve chess puzzles, play competitive and just-for-fun games! Workbooks and other teaching materials are provided, just come ready to learn!

The Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it…

1st, Foresight, which looks a little into futurity ... 2nd, Circumspection, which surveys … scene of action: - 3rd, Caution, not to make moves too hastily.




Wednesdays & Fridays, 8:05-9:05 AM
Grades: K – 5

Location: Library

Sessions: 18
PTSA members: $369
non-members: $379

Paypal fees are included

Come and join us in a bilingual, multicultural education which opens doors and minds to the world. Paris Academy Northwest offers Spanish immersion classes for students who wish to get a head-start before high school and have fun while learning a language. The class is taught by an experienced teacher using the curriculum that is carefully designed by language experts in the field. Students are introduced to new vocabulary and their correct pronunciation. Communicative approach adopted and lessons are constructed around five elements for elementary students: Total Physical Response Activities, Songs, Games, Crafts and Culture. Inspired by Montessori system, groups are organized by language level and age. Returning students are automatically placed in intermediate level and new students will be placed to either group after first class assessment. Beginners/Intermediate welcome!




Thursdays, 8:05–9:05 AM
Grades: 2 – 5

Location: Library

Sessions: 9
PTSA members: $125
non-members: $135

Paypal fees are included

Learn guitar in a fun group setting with a Rock 'n' More instructor. In this session we will learn parts of the guitar, reading music, chords and so much more! No prior music experience is necessary. You don't even have to own a guitar, we will bring one for each student to use for the duration of each class. 






Mondays, 4:00–5:30 PM
Grades: 2 - 5

Location: Library

Sessions: 8
PTSA members: $154
non-members: $164

Paypal fees are included

Learn cartoon drawing skills in this fun-filled after school workshop. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn all aspects of cartoon drawing from local cartoonist Jeff Johnson. Techniques covered include character development, expressions, action/movement, layout, background, perspective, and much more. The class features a series of fun projects aimed at emphasizing the development of each student’s own style in a positive, encouraging environment.




Tuesdays, 4:00-5:30 PM
Grades K – 2

Location: 2nd grade pod area

Sessions: 6
PTSA members: $ 138
non-members: $ 148

Paypal fees are included 

 “Under the Sea” 

We’ll be inspired by creatures of the sea and create in a variety of mediums.  Sumi-e painted fish with chalk pastel, “Mr Seahorse”  Eric Carle inspired painted paper seahorse collage, Madhubani sea life, fish printmaking and model magic starfish.

*Note: Art class will be held Feb 11 – Mar 17*




Wednesdays, 2:30–3:30
Grades 2 – 5

Location: Gym

Sessions: 10
PTSA members: $184
non-members: $194

Paypal fees are included

SPORTS SCIENCE: In this class created by SNAPOLOGY, children will learn the science behind their favorite sports. Students will learn about momentum, energy, measurement, air pressure, and much more as they perform simple experiments related to sports. Perfect for both sports and science lovers, this fun interactive program exercises both the body and the mind.    

 Academic Enrichment: 

  • Learn about important concepts in physiology including heart rate and muscle tone/strength
  • Explore sports related physics including momentum, energy, force, and pressure
  • Utilize important scientific skills including experimentation and measurement 

ROBOT GAMES: Do you think you can build the strongest and most agile robot? Can your robot win a head-to-head combat mission? Come learn engineering strategies for building sturdy structures using LEGO® bricks and then apply that knowledge to build a robot for friendly competition. You'll have a blast as you play robot football and complete the hoop challenge in this fun robotics program. 

Academic Enrichment:

  • Explore the scientific method and engineering design process
  • Develop appropriate strategies for logical problem solving
  • Learn physics and engineering principles to build a strong structure