Support Our Students

Do you want to support our students while going about your every day life? There are so many opportunities while shopping, errands, and eating you can support the PTSA and your children. And you don't need to have a child at the school to take advantage of these - we love to have community support as well. 

Here are some of the examples to help support our school without having to make additional time in your day. 

  • Join the PTSA: Just being a member of the PTSA not only supports us, but gives some pretty cool membership perks as well!
  • Monthly Dine Out: This is a great way to support our school and not have any dishes to do. At the beginning of each month we feature a different establishment that will donate a portion of the proceeds to AG Bell just by eating there. Click here to see this month's dine out.
  • Fred Meyer Rewards: Do you shop at Fred Meyer? Do you have a Fred Meyer Rewards card to take advantage of their discounts? If so, hook up your Rewards card to AG Bell and a portion of your purchases will be donated. Five minutes online up front and you never have to think of it again! Click here for information on how to link up your card.  
  • Amazon: Does it feel like there is always a birthday, holiday or just something you need from Amazon? Next time you shop start by going to as well as setting up your AmazonSmile
  • Collect Box Tops: Do you collect Box Tops For Education? We earn 10 cents for our kids with each Box Top that we turn in - last year we earned $1000! Send in any Box Tops with your children, and join us for the next Box Tops Clippings and Coffee in the Bell Commons or Art Room (check the weekly Bulldog Blast for the next date and time). We will have conversation and clip and sort the Box Tops and Labels that have been received this school year. If you are new to our school, this is a great way to meet others. If you have any questions on Box Tops, please contact Box Tops Chair Halee Proctor at

Want to find more ways to support our students? Go to and click on Support Our Students

Thank YOU for supporting our students.