A.G. Bell Back to Business

It is September and school is back! With the beginning of the school year means paperwork - both from the school and the PTSA. All items coming home in your child's green folder (provided by the PTSA) and printed on green paper are from the PTSA! Can't find a PTSA form from day 1? Click on the links below to get easy access where you can print (or just read) each one!

  1.  Whole Packet (this contains everything sent home on day 1 in a single PDF, as well as listed individually below)
  2.  Welcome Letter and PTSA Contacts (we missed you over the summer and happy to have you back!)
    •  You can always find our contact information online too!
  3.  Scheduled Calendar of Events for 2019-2020.
  4.  Membership is Support Flier and form
    •  Already know what a great cause we are? Join now! We need your support!
  5.  Back to School Picnic flier. 
  6.  Enrichment Classes flier. 
  7.  Popcorn Pass flier and form
    •  Not much more to say but YUM! Skip the morning hassle and buy a pass.
  8.  PTSA Volunteer Interest Form. Membership does not require volunteering, but it is always appreciated!